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instead, offering this statement -- . as part of the investigation, the port hired two pr firms to handle the crisis. port officials will not tell us they are paying the second firm, the first firm, $400 per hour. according to published reports, he says they have lead to millions of dollars in business here at the port. the port expects to get an update on the investigation when it meets tomorrow. at the port of oakland, eric rasmussen. >> > >> reporter: you can see from these pictures taken late today, workers have made significant progress in cleaning us the massive mess.
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how hay figures into their efforts, mike has the story. >> >> reporter: you nailed it. hay will be playing a pretty big ricky foley in this incident. let me set the stage for you right now. behind me, a neighborhood park. there is a few feet of mud below it. this mud will stay here throughout this coming weekend, the focus is on the hillside above and the storm brewing off the coast. day two in daily city, one filled with spraying -- >> people play there or walk their dogs. >> doesn't look like it today. >> not any more. >> reporter: buried, a critical one in the park. today, the hunt to find it got underway. meantime, romero is talking about this massive hole in the
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hillside, the engineers deemed it stable, the focus is on erosion control. we are basically trying to create a buffer zone around. basically the mud will stay until the weekend. right now, we are fighting the weather. >> >> crews are digging to divert the incoming rain off the hillside and right into the storm drain into the park. drain crews eventually found out and cleaned out in the afternoon. even so, residents concerned about the hillside. >> does it look stable to you, right now? >> no, i don't think so. >> reporter: crews put some hay bails on the sidewalk to separate the mud in the street. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you what some residents are doing with the cars that were once nearly buried in mud. >> >> and we have more pictures from the mudslide in daily city
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on our website. >> >> a man convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend and her friend in the toll plaza at the richmond san favre-year-old bridge said something unusual in his trial. he said jurors they should flip a coin to decide whether to give him the death penalty or life in prison. he said with no remorse that he was the one that killed 51-year- old debra ross and 58-year-old everett in 2009. he asked that he be convicted quickly so he could get back to his cell and watch a football game. >> >> judge said his confession in the case was obtained in
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violation of his miranda rights, but the district attorney asked to find that the confession was legally obtained. he is currently being held without bail on charges of possessing sharpened objects. two nurses arrested at the county jail on suspicion of stealing medication. 50-year-old elmer and 54-year- old rudolpho. the sheriff office began to investigate last month after getting a tip that some were stealing. >> >> council meeting set to start, ryan anderson will be presented with a proclamation from the mayor. anderson created an anti- bullying tolerance law as part of the final scout project before being denied by scout
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leaders. so far, 76,000 have been asked to -- have signed a petition asking to give him his eagle award. city leaders and staff, went about their business in dimmed meeting rooms and darkened -- a small electrical fire, sprinklers quickly put out the fire and emergency generators kicked in. >> the sprinklers worked and to our delight, we also resurrected the need to have additional power in the building, but it hadn't been extra generator had not been in place. >> the mayor said it will take a little longer to get city hall back up to full power as electricians assess and repair the damage. >> >> the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar has been charged in other unrelated kidnapping attempts. robert honda is in morgan hill
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at the scene of one of those attacks to tell us the main pieces of evidence kicking the cases. >> >> reporter: ktvu covered one of those attacks that took place in this parking lot in 2009. you will hear from one of the victims describing the attack. farce ya' -- . >> reporter: sources tell us the stun fun you gun is what
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connects torres to the attack. >> we had heard about the link before, but, now that they have brought the charges against him, i think it will definitely give our community a little more peace. >> reporter: legal analyst, lamar's father says the two cases are closely connected and hope it leads to more tips. these are positive developments. they are building the case against him, trying to show a pattern. >> this will get people to finally speak up and realize there was a monster in our great community and now, he is going to finally be prosecuted for the crimes he committed. >> reporter: we contacted torres' family members. they declined to comment. he is scheduled to be arraigned december 10th. and even though he was 17 at that time, he will be tried as an adult. >> >> former software creator john
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mcafee continues to evade police, while he continues to say he is innocent of murder. mcafee is on the run. following an earlier interview with "wired" magazine we told you about here at 5:00. mcafee told the associated press he is staying with a young woman in belize but has been changing residences frequently. he also said that his neighbor was an annoyian, but denies killing him. >> >> a group of nudists march through san francisco to file a lawsuit against the board of supervisors the lawsuit is asking a federal court to stop the board from passing an
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ordinance to ban nudity in the city. the attorney representing the group said the ban is too broad and infringing on a 1st amendment right of nudists. if approved. violators will be fined $100 for the first offense >> for the first time in eight months, president obama held a solo news conference. he said priority number one is to grow the economy and create jobs. >> as i have said before, i'm open to compromise and i'm open to new ideas. i have been encouraged to hear republican after republican agree on the need from more revenue from the wealthiest americans as part of our math if we are going to be serious about reducing the deficit. >> the president said he wants to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year.
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>> >> investors showed little confidence that there will be a come prom in avoiding the fiscal live. facebook shares rallied on a day that wall street thought they would plummet. -- >> you have a chance to attend president obama's inauguration in in 2013. online requests for an inauguration ticket scheduled january 21st, you can request two tickets, but only online on the congressional members
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website. a random lottery december 13th will determine who gets the tickets. >> >> in 25 minutes, more fallout on the david petraeus sex scandal >> the president's first comments. . >> israel unleashed a blistering offensive on gaza assassinating a top military official. 80 strikes, one strike hit a car killing the commander and
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his body guard. israel issued warnings that it would retaliate from the rocket attacks in gaza. they say it suggesteds the beginning of what they call a pillar of offense and warns ground attacks will follow >> nancy pelosi remains house minority leader >> i'm back here in five, nice day, today, pretty warm, but changes are coming. we have clouds and rain if your forecast, the latest computer model with the rain, in your future. . when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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>> reporter: nancy pelosi. >> the 72-year-old san francisco resident gathered a group behind her. >> i'm so proud to gather with you, my sisters. a lot of our male friends wanted to come out here. >> reporter: although only democratic women were included in this women girl's day out on the hill. a record number of women will be serving in the new congress, 0 and a record number in the senate, 20. women in minorities make up the majority among democrats in the
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house. >> for me, it has proven what i believed all along, that women are capable. even more so. >> having more women in politics will move things along further in politics, get some things done, actually making progress. >> you think in the 21st century, these barriers don't exist any more and things have leveled out, that's not true. >> thank you all very much >> but a woman professor said today "remember women are 50% of the population, so i'm not sure we should be breaking our arms patting ourselves on the back, just yet." >> reporting live, rita williams ktvu news >> financial analysts say california's outlook is looking better and we could wind up with is surplus in the coming years. nonpartisan analyst stills that
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next year's deficit will be just under $2 billion. compared to nearly $16 billion this year and the state could see a surplus in 2014, the first time in more than a decade. toyota, voluntarily recalling almost 700 thousand prius made between 2004 and 2009. dealers will inspect, and if needed, replace the shaft extension. the problem may develop near the steering wheel, frequently turned too hard while the car is moving. the issue could cause parts to wear out sooner than normal. 350,000 of the same prius models are being recalled to replace the electric water pump >> ntsb released the top 10 list of needed safety improvements for 2013. among the suggestions, the ntsb said they want crash avoidance systems to be standard and it wants to ban nonessential use
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of cellphones and at airports, the board wants to see ground face technology as well as better training for aircraft maintenance workers. >> we still have 35,000 fatalities anually, hundreds of thousands of injuries and we can and must do better. >> >> reporter: it's now up to congress and federal regulators to decide whether or not to actually require changes. >> california coastal commission unanimously rejected a plan. they wanted to trace network faults off the coast west of -- pg & e wanted it use air guns s create a three dimensional map, but that could create sound waves that could hurt the hearing of ocean life. a firefighter suffered a
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minor injury to his arm after battling a house fire. crews from several agencies responded to the fire this morning. cher wood forest. it took firefighters 20 minutes to put the flames out, fortunately, the residents got out okay. >> >> california began to sell permits for green house gas emissions. it is aimed as dramatically reducing pollution that is believed to cause climate change. the board plans to release the date and the number of companies involved next monday. big changes coming to our weather. let's get right to it. rain on the way, right? >> rain on the way, temperatures back into the upper 50s, clouds in the forecast, we saw a few of them out there, today. tomorrow is not bad, either,
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but more clouds. there is live "stormtracker," showing you clouds as well. radar coming off the national weather service radar. it's not showing anything now, but when you come back here tomorrow night, late, maybe after 11:00. i think we are showing some showers up here in the north bay. the current temperature, 61 in fairfield. 62 in napa. 70s around the bay, check out the current in half moon bay. why is it so warm in half moon bay? lowest level you are, it's the warmest location. half moon bay is at sea level. san francisco, more room to compress, the more it many whats. forecast highs, cooler, more clouds, cloud cover, 71 in santa rosa, 6 in san mate o, 72 in oakland, the highs today, highs tomorrow coming off a few degrees.
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mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. late tomorrow night, we bring some sprinkles and showers in the forecast, late, 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. that has an impact on your friday morning commute. as you look at the sat lied image, you can see some southerly moisture moving in. this is the system i'm tracking right here, if it is phased in with that, we would really be getting wet. the southern moisture will go south of us. you can see things changing around. with this pattern, we can open the door slightly for more weather. tomorrow, clouds, nice. tomorrow night, late, sprinkles develop, friday morning's commute, you have some showers in the forecast. forecast, overnight low, 39 in napa. still chilly, clouds have not gotten here. 42 in morgan hill, so, when i come back, i just told you about how it will be cloudy tomorrow. not as warm, i'll break it all down in the computer model.
5:22 pm
we'll roll the model right through the bay area weekend to show you what you can expect a huge payout, why the city of oakland is agreeing to pay $5 million based 0 on what happened on city streets between 2005 -- >> a northern california highway turns into a run way >> and the ktvu-i pad app is available. watch all of our newscasts live. get video, of breaking news any time, anywhere -- . [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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[ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> i thought i had found the perfect whole, but there was a white car in front of me.
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>> the pilot landed safely, no one was hurt. and 90 minutes ago, the plane taxied and took off on highway 65. >> >> we are finding out more about a plane crash in mississippi that killed three people last night. the plane crashed into a home in jackson and burst into flames, killing all three people in the flames and injuring a woman in the house. the man who owned the plane said he was supposed to be on that flight, but decided to go deer hunting as well. ironically, the victims were headed to an faa safety conference. the family of a girl who was struck and killed by an s.u.v. is filing a claim with the city. a police report concluded haily failed to yield the right of way, but the family claims the driver was going too fast and the roadway was in dangerous condition. they say there was no crosswalk
5:27 pm
or stop sign in the area. >> >> the city of oakland agreed to a $4.6 million settlement in a series of strip search lawsuits. they say officers pulled down their pants on city streets from 2002-2009. the city council approved the deal. the city still has not adopted a lawful still search policy. and they say they will take the city back to courts if necessary >> a gem heist in the at a state museum. the robbery took place september 28th at the carolina mining and minerals museums. robbers wearing masks stormed into the museum ab took gems worth $1.3 million. the other three men were arrested tuesday. investigators say they have recovered some of the valuable
5:28 pm
thes. >> >> nba basketball moves a step closer to san francisco. the people who may help build an arena. >> >> and a new twist tonight to the david petraeus scandal. what happened today to two of the women involved. . and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive basketball on center court in san francisco. a new arena for the golden state warriors to the city by the bay. david? >> a big announcement on who
5:31 pm
might help build an arena on the piers. neighbors here say things are moving too fast. basketball took center court at san francisco city hall as golden state worriers president signed off on a plan to hire locally to build a new arena. >> working with the city to hire 25% of their construction workforce of san francisco residents. this is a wonderful day. >> reporter: on pier 3032. >> what's more, we are agreeing that 50% of the apprentice level work will go to local residents launching our helmet to hard hat program. >> returning veterans -- >> i have decided to work there. >> >> reporter: arena jobs announcement decided a half hour before the budget
5:32 pm
committee was set to vote on the >> the city pro >> the warriors will receive a 13% return in exchange for spending $120 million to rebuild the city's piers. >> we believe that is fair. the mayor wants the warriors playing here by 2017, but some say the city is moving too fast for the neighborhood groups that were supposed to offer input about the new arena. >> the feeling is that the city is moving much more quickly than the advisory committee is moving and the cac is not having adequate opportunity to do its work. >> >> reporter: the city's budget committee approved the fiscal feasibility study. a major step that helps to move the arena project ahead. >> the san francisco 49ers an pg and e are working hard to make sure a repeat of the power
5:33 pm
outage during last monday night's game doesn't happen next monday night. this was the scene as the lights went out twice during a nationally televised game. more than 1 1/2 miles of new electrical wiring at the stadium have been involved and switch boxes and light control systems have been upgraded. pg and e spokesperson said they are ready for the upcoming game against chicago bears >> we are not worried, confident in our ability to respond. >> in the next few days, crews will test the system with infrared lights and during the game, pg & e will have a mobile command center set up. >> >> home prices and sales increased again last month. price for new and existing homes reached $416,000 in the nine county region. the median price is down from september, but still up 19% from the same period last year. meanwhile, home sales are up 21% of last year with nearly
5:34 pm
7800 homes sold in the bay area last month. some people at berkeley upset over the timing of a public hearing on a proposal to close the main postal service. the postal service set that for next tuesday night at berkeley high school. a lot of people that may want to talk at that hearing may be away for thanksgiving and they want the hearing rescheduled. >> >> human remains found in a menlo park construction site as native american. two human skulls and bones were found yesterday. workers unearthed them after removing a concrete slab. native american historical society was expected to take possession of them, today. >> several developments in the david petraeus scandal. the fbi said it found
5:35 pm
classified documents on broadwell's computer. meanwhile, the woman that sparked the investigation that ultimately lead to petraeus's resignation has had her pass suspended. the president, himself made his first public comments on the scandal that is taking over washington. >> i have no evidence, at this point, from what i have seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on national security. >> in addressing the scandal, president obama said petraeus had an extraordinary career and that he served he his country with great distinction. petraeus resigned after his affair with paula broadwell came to light. we now know petraeus will testify before the intelligence committee regarding the deadly attack on the u.s. conso late
5:36 pm
in benghazi september 11th. republicans are calling for a watergate style hearing to investigate the issues surrounding the attack. what did the president know? when did he know it? what did he do about it? >> i don't think there is any debate in this country when you have four americans killed that is a problem. we have to get to the bottom of it. there needs to be accountability we have to bring those who carried it out to justice. they won't get any debate from me on that. >> it remains to be seen whether or not lawmakers will take the opportunity to ask him about the sex scandal. >> >> back from devastation. a firsthand account from pg and e workers of what they encountered during the cleanup following super storm sandy. .
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oakland merchants rolled out the red carpet for shoppers in their annual kickoff to the holiday season. > >> piedmont and 41st street dozens of merchants from 40 neighborhood shopping districts turned up, hoping to lure holiday shoppers to oakland. the mayor made a personal plea
5:40 pm
for people to check out oakland and spend their holiday dollars >> when you buy in oakland, you are investing in the city. this is a city that has done a good job investing. >> reporter: the mayor encouraged shoppers to buy gift cards, that can be spent at 50 independent shops and restaurants in oakland. >> people who burn the midnight hill could be putting themselves attrist be, not just because of lack of sleep. chronic explore sure to artificial light lead to depression in animals. scientists claim a stress hormone triggered by long-term use of lamps, computers on even i pads or other tablets. members of congress heard testimony about the deadly outbreak of fungal menengitis. among those, the president of
5:41 pm
the company that produced the contaminated shots and the widow of a victim -- >> my family is angry, bitter, heartbroken, devastated. >> i respectfully decline to answer >> the president of the new england compounding center refused to answer questions tainted injections distributed by his company killed at least 32 people. lawmakers excused him from questioning today, but warned him he may be recalled >> coffee giant starbucks, revving up their tea business. starbucks said it plans to expand the network of 300 mall based stores. shareholders will receive a share >> pg and e responders have
5:42 pm
just returned from the east coast, we'll show you what they saw, tell you what they felt, still ahead. >> >> back here in just about 10 minutes. umbrellas will be needed. i'll you exactly when the rain should start in your neighborhood. .
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woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase.
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and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. pg and e workers that spent the last two weeks helping east coast residents recover from super storm sandy are back at
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home tonight. >> for all of these pg & e workers know they could be the next to be called away to far away places like their returning colleagues. 150pg & e workers came home after two weeks of helping new yorkers recover from super storm sandy. first responders. how does this compare to others >> massive, massive because of the dense population they have. >> beyond belief. it's amazing what the storm could do. >> probably the biggest event -- >> pg & e's peoples restored power to 23,000 customers in new york city. >> the customers were absolutely, unbelievably ecstatic how happy they were to see the blue and white trucks come in there >> they appreciates, brought us donuts and coffee, very, very
5:46 pm
heartwarming. >> one time i'm closing a transformer picking up 40 people, the guy in the whole time in the background going god bless you >> reflecting on their mission. >> it magnifies and steps it as the priority we already have. it was awesome. >> i'm a united states marine, helping anybody in america, that was awesome, i enjoyed every minute of it. >> coach jennifer vargas made sure crews had everything they needed. >> very proud all of us, every single one of us getting there and up canning homeful i can't wait to get home to my kids. >> >> reporter: give you a different perspective on disasters? >> yes, it does, go home, hug your family, be prepared. >> that said, enough said. now, students are camping out to make sure uc regents hear their voices, earlier,
5:47 pm
today, it was the governor asking the recents to rethink about positions on raising fees, saying now is not the time to be doing that. ken pritchard is where the tents are going up. >> reporter: frank, it is starting to look out a camp out here on the uc mission bay campus. a few tents going up. more on the way, this protest was aimed at sending a strong message to the regents to not vote for an increase on fees. a vote expected this morning, a vote it turns 0 out was delayed. the delay came at the request of governor jerry brown who attended the uc regents meeting in san francisco. now, he says in the wake of proposition 30 passage back on election day, that provides or will provide additional funds to higher education an the governor argues tuition hikes should not be on the table at this time. in the wake of prop 30 passes the governor campaigned on 30, uc administrators were
5:48 pm
discussing additional tuition hikes, the governor said that should be reconsidered, while we do, the governor said have the best budget we have seen in years, concreed that more cut backs could be necessary. as for the delay of this uc regents vote and the governor's intervention, the students here think a delay is not enough. more should be done they say. >> the people of california voted with proposition 30 to give more money from education from taxes on the rich. we want that money to go back to rolling back tuition and rolling back cuts. the regents took a first step by delaying a vote of fee increases. it's time to take it off the table completely. >> right now, there are about 20 students here in small protest they expect by 10:00, they could have 50 students camping route overnight with a
5:49 pm
planned protest tomorrow morning. in san francisco, ken pritchard, ktvu channel "2 news." fire began at 10:30 this morning and grew to 200-acres. they had to of the super scooper airplanes and water droppers helping them >> skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes for the first time, today. there was the moment they had waited for all summer. heavenly ski resort opened its gates and the rush was on. the resort fired the snow making machines, and skiers were ready, some camped out all night to be the first on the ski lifts >> a couple of weeks ago, we planned on making a first chair and now we are here we got here at 3:30 am.
5:50 pm
heavenly planned to open friday, but with the recent cold weather and new snow, they decided not to make the thrill seekers wait any longer. >> >> our meteorologist has been telling us about rain coming. >> the timing will be difficult because it's a way out. we'll get it down to every six or 12 hour period, we'll get it dialed down to the next day. we'll start you off with system number one. going to live "stormtracker" two, you can see where it's coming from. usually, this time of the year, they are coming from here. this is not the case. it mean as little more moisture, main impact, the thing you will notice from this one is a warmer storm. it will be warmer than the one that went through that was very, very cold. live "stormtracker," not lit, right now, live radar sweep, but it will be as we head into tomorrow night and friday. these are the highs from today. it was stunning.
5:51 pm
really nice period of weather. that's all coming to an end, things are starting to change, notice the high clouds today. you will notice more high clouds tomorrow. temperatures trend down a few degrees because of the cloud cover. we will see temperatures in the 60s and mid-60s as we head no friday. rain returns. that sort of cracks the door open, too, not only the warm door. it's not a big storm coming in, but the beginning of a series of symptoms impacting the west coast. the first system shows up friday, showers likely, maybe a half inch of rain in the santa cruz mountains, the lower latitude system. system number two, northerly trajectory, colder, right? lower snow levels, impacting the sierra nevada. rainfall accumulations, maybe a quarter-inch. heaviest rain will be saturday night. what i'm saying is dialing the exact timing is difficult right now. suffice to say there is one
5:52 pm
friday and one saturday. right now, it looks like friday all day and saturday night as we go into the next one the computer model lays it out, thursday, 1:00, showers start to show up. here we are thursday at 7:00, light showers and here comes friday, friday morning. looks a little wet, friday afternoon's commute looks wet. so we are between storms saturday morning. saturday night, forecast highs tomorrow, mid-60s, upper 60s. five-day forecast pops up here on the weekend in view, so i'm going to be back at 6:00, i'll run the latest model again and then tonight at 10:00, we'll have the most current model and we can dial it back in. when you have multiple storms, timing them out changes their timing. > >> election is over, but apparently, many people are less than satisfied with the results. petitions being launched and what people want their state to
5:53 pm
do in response. .
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> people in nearly all 50 states, including california have launched petitions to withdraw from the united states and form another country.
5:56 pm
>> >> coal is king the where we come from and this government is trying to get away from it. we don't agree. >> republicans and democrats say there is an option to change leadership. they say vote in the next election. >> we have been through this once before. ridiculous going through it again. >> the petitions to secede are on the white house "we the people" website. at last check. california had 11,000 petitions. according to the website, the obama administration said they will review and respond once it reaches 25,000. >> >> a sacramento family basks in the spotlight after welcoming their new tripletts and possibly breaking a new world record. > emotions running high for jason and brittany. she gave birth to triplett boys
5:57 pm
who weighed together a total of 20-pounds. they are submitting forms to the guinness book hoping their boys tip the scales towards a world record. >> >> a close eye on the hillside that was compromises by a mud slide. unusual steps residents are making to make sure their homes are protected if the hill gives way again. >> >> the arrest of the driver suspected in the hit and run that injured the man riding this mountain bike. .
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
good evening, >> the mud has been cleared out of the street, but residents in daily city are still keeping a watchful eye on the hillside that gave way when the water main broke. mike has more on the steps being taken. >> reporter: the work on the hiltside will continue. residents debating whether or not to file a claim.

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